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Eatrite Food Services West Africa is a quick service restaurant in Nigeria. At eatrite, our promise is to deliver unforgettable experiences for everyone who walks through our doors or comes in contact with us. We have our values set out to inspire diversity, inclusion and healthy living – and with this, we are able to serve people from different walks of life.

With the mantra “more than a meal……it’s a lifestyle”, we have set out to ensure that each meal delivers an experience that goes beyond providing satisfaction but also improves the health and wellbeing of our customers.

In our pursuit to inspire inclusion and diversity, Eatrite Food Services West Africa is launching Herfy – a leading Saudi Arabian fast-food chain that has been dominating the market for more than three decades now. Herfy has chains of restaurants which are spread across various cities of the world and now will be launching in Nigeria, West Africa.

Through our brands – Eatrite and Herfy, we offer a variety of both local and continental meal options to everyone; regardless of who they are, their social class or classification – we believe in offering everyone equal experiences that provides them with a sense of belonging.

Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision are not mere words to us, it’s an expression of our commitment to inspiring our customers to pursue a healthy lifestyle.



To become the preferred integrated food service company in Africa.


To provide impeccable service to all stakeholders by identifying their needs and meeting them.

Our Values

These are beliefs that we stand for and they serve as a compass to guide the attitude and behavior of staff- both management and service staff.


– Integrity


– Diversity


– Innovation


– Respect


– Enthusiasm

How We Work

Besides all our meals being halal and products being Halal certified, we take extra care in ensuring that they are healthy and made following industry standards.

We go the extra mile to patronize local farmers across Nigeria while sourcing for our farm produce in order to ensure they are fresh and healthy for your consumption.

Our People

Eatrite Food Services West Africa is made up of a team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals who contribute immensely to ensuring excellent service delivery both directly as employees and indirectly as vendors.

In order to pursue our promise of inclusion and diversity, we have ensured that equal opportunities are presented to everyone without consideration of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or social classifications. Our people hail from various places across Nigeria.

As a brand, we believe strongly in a culture which contributes to fulfilling our purpose – which is to inspire inclusion, diversity and healthy living.

Our Board

The Board of Directors at eatrite food service West Africa limited is a group of seasoned professionals who over the years have garnered experience in several industries across the world.

Each member of the board has demonstrated a strong commitment to ensuring the fulfillment of the mission, vision and values of eatrite.

The Board of eatrite food service West Africa limited comprises X directors, with X directors in an executive capacity.

Samantha George

CEO, Eatrite Food Services West Africa

Gregory Parker

Operations, Eatrite Food Services West Africa

Jack Bill

CFO, Eatrite Food Services West Africa

More than a meal, it’s a lifestyle


Trust & Safety


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